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White Rose Male Voice Praise

Together in Worship and Song

Established in 2010, White Rose Male Voice Praise brings together Christian men from various churches and denominations.

Based in Yorkshire, we sing in churches, chapels, community centres, residential care homes, and even in prisons and at choir festivals. We also perform at social evenings, weddings, funerals and anniversaries, and we do not charge a fee. The choir is funded by contributions made each week by choir members and other donations.

We’re affiliated with the national organisation The Festival of Male Voice Praise, a fellowship of gospel male voice choirs founded in 1934.

Fellowship and Fun

Rehearsals and Performance

Our rehearsals are a time of fellowship and fun. We rehearse at least once a week in Castleford, West Yorkshire, led by our conductor and his assistants with support from our resident pianist. We are missing this while in lockdown

We perform sacred music in celebration of God, as well as popular music – often with audience participation! Not only a group of singers, we also perform entertaining monologues, poetry and group singing.

Performances usually include a short talk on our reason for singing – to glorify God in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Testimonies of

Choir Members

From Richard

The unprecedented lockdown   has meant lots of changes for many people. In habits and lifestyles. Adapting to changes in all sorts of ways. But God doesn't change in any way at all. His love and care for his people  remain the same. He understands and sympathise s with our struggles, cares doubts and fears. His word (the bible) tells us that Jesus knows of our struggles whatever the cause, that He's a very present help Iin  time of struggle. That we do not have to fear. Throughout this period of lockdown and its restrictions, I have found that Jesus presence is a reality, that He can be depended upon in all situations. His love, care and compassion  are a reality. I know because I've experienced them all and much more beside.

From David W

"Having adjusted to the ‘stay at home’ policy (as over 70’s), life has been good, for there is always something interesting to do. My mixed emotions are compassion for all who have lost loved ones, and amazement, at how the best has been brought out in many as they have risen to the occasion by helping those in need. My overriding emotion is a deep security in the Love of God, knowing that His great love for us moved Him to give His only Son, Jesus, to die for our sins so that we could be forgiven. That one day, sooner or later, by Covin 19 or any other cause, I go to be with Him eternally."

Tribute to Gloria; (by the kind permission of David)

We have added a video to the video library “The King and I” which the choir sang at Mirfield.

It is a tribute to Gloria, a supporter of the choir ,whose husband, David ,is one of our members . Gloria was often at rehearsals listening to us practice and often brought us cakes and biscuits for us to share.

During the last few years she fought a long battle with cancer. We watched and marvelled at her strength and faithfulness to the Lord she served, encouraging us to be strong also.  She loved to come to events and ,so often, her joy would bring us great encouragement.  A few weeks before lockdown , we knew that she would soon be going home into the presence of God.  Our prayers for the family increased as we saw how they stayed strong in faith.  During her last days, she was in hospital and, when the choir was scheduled to sing nearby in Mirfield, she determined to come and be with us one last time.  Her family brought her and David joined us in singing praises to the people there.  We were able to sing again Gloria’s favourite song

“The King and I.”

That evening we were all aware that she would soon precede us to that home in heaven, free of pain and walking with the King.

As Christians we know that our walk in this life is a pilgrimage; a time of service.

Jesus told us that, when we came to Him, and acknowledge our sin, and accept His forgiveness, we are born again.  We are no longer of this world; our home is in heaven.

Gloria is there now and her family sorrow for their loss, and we all continue to pray for them, but the Bible tells us that we do not sorrow as those without hope.  The day will come for all of us when we, too, will go to meet the King.

If you are reading this tribute to a beloved friend and you have not yet come to know the King we sing about, then be assured that you too can come to Him and know that, when it is your turn to leave this world, you can be sure you will meet King Jesus and live eternally in His presence.

All choir members are subject to the lockdown rules which means for some isolation. Some of their experiences will appear here soon

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